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SQL Server 2005 – delegetion

Troubleshooting Delegation in SQL Server

I just came across a good article by Keith Brown on a common trap when setting up SQL Server with kerberos delegation. As he noted, the port number for the Sql Server Service should be specified when setting the service principal name (SPN).

Delegation is a powerful feature of Active Directory but can be difficult to setup. It can be used to allow SQL Server to impersonate the user when connecting to other services: such as BULK LOAD connecting to a network file server. Or for middle tier applications to impersonate users on other servers. A detailed explanation of delegation can be found here.

Microsoft’s whitepaper on troubleshooting kerberos delegation has more detail on setting up SQL Server, including linking servers with delegation.

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in the middle of the road… (Odisseas Elitis)

Το Παράπονο

Εδώ στου δρόμου τα μισά
έφτασε η ώρα να το πω
άλλα είναι εκείνα που αγαπώ
γι’ αλλού γι’ αλλού ξεκίνησα.

Στ’ αληθινά στα ψεύτικα
το λέω και τ’ ομολογώ.
Σα να ‘μουν άλλος κι όχι εγώ
μες στη ζωή πορεύτηκα.

Όσο κι αν κανείς προσέχει
όσο κι αν το κυνηγά,
πάντα πάντα θα ‘ναι αργά
δεύτερη ζωή δεν έχει.

Οδυσσέας Ελύτης (1911—1996;  Nobel Prize in Literature 1979)
*** *** ***

Here in the middle of the road
the time has come for me to say
it’s other those I love.
for somewere else I set off.

In truth, in false
I say it and I admit it.
As I it was someone else, not me,
I wandered through life.

No matter how much one ‘s careful,
no matter how much he goes after it,
always it ‘ll be late
there ‘s no second life.

*** *** ***

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